Took over the space of Becken’s Winning Hand, which was closed down for hand-to-hand drug deals by the owner?

Used to have its own 30-piece brass band?

Is the oldest in Portland, and thwarted Prohibition by serving Manhattans in coffee cups?

Was bequeathed by its original owner on the condition the new owners couldn’t change the decorations?

Was named after a racehorse?

Was named for a Finnish chair?

Was named by its first owner, a policeman?

Offers home octopus delivery?

Used to be a bowling alley?

Used to be a pawn shop?

Used to be a check-cashing station?

Used to be the seat of a gambling empire?

Is in a building once used for City Council meetings?

Still has a faint cross and sextant on its floors left from its previous life as a Masonic lodge?

Had beers named after its founder by both Rogue Ales and Russian River Brewing?

Fielded a semipro basketball team from the ’60s to the ’80s?

Reopened on the opposite side of town after burning down?

Once employed Courtney Love?

Has a room hidden behind a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf?

Has one of only 11 fully functional 1950s Chicago Coin’s Band Box jukeboxes?

Gets attacked by beer-craving, Fred Armisen-murdering zombies in Red Fang’s “Blood Like Cream” video?

Got part of its name after a cameo in the Raquel Welch roller-derby flick Kansas City Bomber?

Was filmed for the Cooking Channel show Belly Up! this year?

Keeps the sign for Portland’s now-defunct North Portland Jockey Club bar on its walls?

Has a spicy martini named the “Willamette Weak Sauce”?

Has a special Pabst menu, which includes the Pabstini (PBR with olives), the Cheap Cowboy (PBR with a Pall Mall) and the Portlander (PBR with a fake mustache)?

Serves more Pabst than any bar in Portland, with a plaque to prove it?

Once had an inclined urinal trough so patrons could pee while at the bar?

Was the first tavern in Portland to allow dancing?

Has a strict policy against serving alcohol to Dave Matthews?